Int'l Ch. Eldamar Kalwa Boogie Nights


Disco, pictured above at nine weeks (left) and two years (right), was the third addition here at Kalwa.  Disco brought a little variety as the first (but no longer only) black and white Springer here and also the first male.  Like Harmony, Disco was bred by Julie Roberts, of Eldamar Springers in Rogers, Minnesota.  Disco's a big goofy boy, and sometimes seems like he doesn't have a thought in his head, but he's very loveable, and a quick learner when properly motivated.  Disco was shown very sparingly in conformation, earning an IABCA championship and points in both the US and Canada.  He is a Best of Breed winner from the classes in both countries.  Unfortunately, the timing was never right to seriously show Disco, so he never finished his other titles.  He was neutered in December 2006, and is now enjoying the life of a couch potato in Minnesota, where he lives with Harmony in the home of my ex-husband.


Click on the links below to view Disco's pedigree, see how he's did in competition, and see some fun pictures.