Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Eldamar's Age of Aquarius


Harmony, my second Springer, was my first serious show dog.  She is pictured here at three months (left) and three years old (right).  When I decided I wanted another Springer, I knew I wanted to show, and quite possibly breed in the future, so I began a search for just the right dog.  Thanks to Julie Roberts of Eldamar Springers in Minnesota, I was lucky enough to find the perfect puppy.  Harmony was been everything I wanted, both in the show ring and as a wonderful companion.

Her nickname was "Goofball," and she's been kept everyone entertained with all the silly things she does from the time she was a tiny puppy.  She was obsessed with chasing the light from a laser pointer, and went crazy when someone asked "Where's your dot?"  She also loved carrying around her "Fuzzy Ball," which was twice the size of her head.  It was her favorite toy, and she took it everywhere she went. Her temperament was outstanding: she was sweet and friendly with everyone, and extremely gentle with children.  Everyone who met her loved her.

Harmony was a standout in the conformation ring, where she finished her AKC championship in April 2003 and earned an IABCA international championship three weeks later, with two Best of Breeds and a group win.  She completed her Canadian championship in November 2003, and she is a Best of Breed winner in both the U.S. and Canada. 

Harmony was a certified therapy dog through the Delta Society Pet Partners program.  She earned her first certification in June 2002 with a perfect score on the qualifying test (a rare achievement).  Harmony regularly accompanied me to work at Ryther Child Center where she assisted me in providing individual and group therapy to 9- to 13-year-old boys in residential treatment.  Harmony and I also belonged to a group of local therapy dogs and handlers called the "Paw Pals" which puts on shows for hospitals and nursing homes.  I am extremely proud of Harmony's ability to shine in a variety of different endeavors.

Harmony produced three outstanding litters. Harmony's first litter, by Owen (Ch. Springbrook TagAlong My Own Magic), was born January 16, 2004. To meet the puppies, visit the Kalwa "Star" Litter.  Her second litter, by Joe (Am/Can Ch. Bryden Malysse Meet Joe Black CD), was born June 20, 2005.  To meet the puppies from this litter, visit the Kalwa Midsummer Litter.  Harmony's third, and final, litter was born February, 6, 2006.  To meet those puppies, visit the Kalwa "And" Litter.  Harmony  produced lovely puppies with great temperaments, and I have enjoyed watching her kids grow up, and we are now enjoying her grandchildren just as much.

Harmony spent the last few years of her life in Minnesota, with my ex-husband and her Springer cousin, Disco.  She passed away after a brief illness on May 3, 2010.

Click on the links below to see Harmony's pedigree, how she did in the show ring, and some more fun pictures.