Kalwa's Sunrise Serenade


Frankie (pictured above at six weeks and five months), is a bright, outgoing puppy who has always been fearless.  She was always the first in her litter to run headfirst into any new situation.  Frankie was sold as a show prospect, but unfortunately she didn't grow tall enough, so her new owner decided not to keep her.  Frankie is a lucky girl, though, since she has found a new home with the Lipscombs, who also have Morgan.  Frankie joined her new family in April, 2007 and has been settling in well.  She loves playing with her brother and the Lipscombs other dog, Kelsey, and has already won the hearts of her new family.

Use the link below to view Frankie's pedigree and to see some more pictures (when we get some taken).


Fun Pictures