Kalwa's Waitin' On A Sunny Day


Grace (pictured above at six weeks on the left and about a year on the right) is a very special puppy who now lives with Nancy and David Stephens in West Virginia.  Grace had a rough start at the beginning of her life, weighing just 7 oz at birth and needing hourly bottle feedings to survive her first few days.  She also endured a serious eye infection and a gastrointestinal illness that landed her in the ICU for 24 hours, all before she was eight weeks old.  Through it all she never gave up fighting, and in spite of her tiny size, she had attitude to spare.  She has now grown into a happy, healthy, normal-sized adult Springer.  Maybe because of all the extra attention she got as a baby, Grace definitely thinks she's a princess who deserves attention from everyone she meets.  Grace will be bred in 2009; for more information about this upcoming breeding, please visit the Planned Parenthood page.  

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