Kalwa's Let the Sunshine In


Kiki (pictured above at eight weeks and 16 months) is one of two girls we originally kept from Harmony's second litter born 6/20/2005.  Kiki is a happy, friendly girl who loves people and loves to play.  She loves to play fetch and can often be found with a toy in her mouth, trying to elicit a game from whomever will play with her.  Unfortunately, she had some trouble getting along with the other dogs in her household, particularly her big sister, Kali.  Although she is a beautiful girl who would probably produce lovely puppies, we decided not to breed her in the future because she doesn't really like other dogs.  After much consideration, we decided that it would be better for her to be placed in a home where she would not have to deal with the stresses of a constantly changing pack.

 Kiki has found a new home with the Odenbach family in New York state.  She gets to live with just one other dog, and she has kids to play with and lots of room to run.  She's having a great time with her new family, and they love her very much.

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