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Altair (pictured above at four months on the left and almost 18 months on the right) went to live Tiffani's mother Bobbi Reid (known as "Grandma" to the Kalwa dogs) at 4 months old, in southern CA.  They relocated from southern California to Utah in 2006, where Altair was joined for a year by the other Kalwa dogs.  When Kalwa once again relocated, Kali stayed temporarily with Bobbi and Altair, and he enjoys the company of his sister.  Altair earned eight points toward his championship before turning his interest toward other pursuits, and he has now been neutered, but not before unexpectedly siring what will be his only litter of puppies, born August 20, 2008.  See the Planned Parenthood page for details.  Altair earned his Rally Novice title in May 2008, and will continue in obedience and rally competition in the future. 

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