Kalwa's February Stars



Lucy (pictured above at eight weeks and about seven months) originally went to live in Brooklyn, NY.  Lucy's new family was originally quite happy with her and she was doing very well.  Unfortunately, she began having seizures at 10 months old.  After having Lucy for three years, in March 2007 her owners decided they didn't want to deal with her epilepsy anymore and they returned her to us.   When we got Lucy back, we realized that her owners had not been caring for her as well as they should have.  She was extremely overweight, was on a poor diet, had not been properly groomed, and most importantly, had not been receiving the medications that control her seizures consistently or on the right schedule. 

Although Lucy would have been welcome to remain at Kalwa for the rest of her life, she was a lucky girl because she was wanted by someone else, too.  In May 2007  Lucy went to live with Mary Beth Baker who already had Lucy's half-brother, Moses.  Mary Beth had recently lost two of her own dogs, and was ready to welcome another dog into her family.  She had previous experience with caring for an epileptic Springer, and although she recognized the challenges of living with a dog with epilepsy, she was willing to give Lucy all the love and care that she deserves.   Lucy had a great life with Mary Beth, remaining nearly seizure-free for three years.

Sadly, Lucy passed away unexpectedly on February 16, 2010.

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