The "And" Litter

February 2006

Harmony was bred to Hamish resulting in the "And" litter, born February 6, 2006.  To learn more about the parents, click on their names.  To see the pedigree for this litter, click here.  All of the litters at Kalwa have a theme for their names.  For this litter, the registered names are all in the format Kalwa's _____and _______, hence the "And" litter.  The puppies' baby names were all names containing the letters "and" somewhere in the name.  Click on each baby's picture to see more individual photos of that puppy, and use the links at the bottom of the page for more pictures of the whole litter.  All of these puppies are now enjoying life with their new families, and most have new names.  For updated information about the puppies of the "And" litter, visit their individual pages, which can be accessed from the "Dogs" page.


The Boys

Armand (now called Morgan)

Randall (now called Phivos)


Brandon (now called Carter)

Chandler (now called Nathan)

Fernando (keeping his baby name)

The Girls

Candace (now called Katie)

Thandie (now called Libby)


Week One Pictures

Week Two Pictures

Week Three Pictures

Week Four Pictures

Week Five Pictures

Week Six Pictures

Week Seven Pictures

Week Eight Pictures

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