The Midsummer Litter

June 2005

Harmony (Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Eldamar's Age of Aquarius) was bred to Joe (Am/Can Ch Bryden's Malysse Meet Joe Black CD) and puppies were born June 20, 2005.  To learn more about the parents of this litter, click on their names above.  There were 8 puppies: 3 black and white girls, 1 black and white boy, 2 liver and white girls, and 2 liver and white boys.  This was Harmony's second litter, and Mom and babies all did great.  To see a pedigree for this litter click here.  All of the litters at Kalwa have a theme for their names.  Since this litter was born on Midsummer's Eve their baby names were names of characters from Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  To celebrate the Summer Solstice, their registered names all contain the word "sun" in some form.  Pictures of these pups were taken every week while they were growing up.  To see weekly individual pics of the babies click on their pictures; to see pictures of everyone as they grew, use the links at the bottom of the page. 

 These puppies have all long since gone to their new homes.   If you are interested in information about upcoming litters, please visit the Planned Parenthood page.  For updates about these puppies in their new homes, visit their individual pages in the Dogs section of this website.

The Girls:

Titania (now called Soleil)

Thisbe (now called Kiri)

Blossom (now called Grace)


Hermia (now called Mia)


Helena (now called Frankie)




The Boys:

Demetrius (now called Casey)

Lysander (now called Murphy)

Oberon (now called Moses)


Week One Pictures

Week Two Pictures

Week Three Pictures

Week Four Pictures

Week Five Pictures

Week Six Pictures

Week Seven Pictures

Week Eight Pictures

Week Nine Pictures

Week Ten Pictures

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