Harmony's Show Results
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11/7/03: Another trip to Canada resulted in Harmony going Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex for two more points to finish her Canadian championship.
9/7/03:  Harmony made her debut on the Pennsylvania show scene with a Best of Breed win at the Laurel Highlands Kennel Association show under judge Jean Fournier.

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7/26/03:  One more trip to Canada netted Harmony a Best of Breed win and another Canadian point.  She now needs only two points to finish her Canadian championship.
HarmonyNicolaWin.JPG (108950 bytes) 5/19/03:  Harmony made another trip to Canada and picked up two more points toward her Canadian championship by going Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex at the Nicola Valley Kennel Club shows in Merritt, B.C.  The judge was Ainsley Mills.
HarmonyIntWin.JPG (99750 bytes) 5/10-5/11/03: Harmony went to her first IABCA international-style show in Hillsboro, Oregon.  She received V-1 ratings (very excellent--the highest possible rating) at all three shows to earn her UCI international championship.  She was also Best of Breed at two of the shows, and received a sporting group first at one of them.
HarmonyLewiston.jpg (61223 bytes) 4/18/03: Harmony finished her AKC championship at the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers show in Lewiston Idaho by going Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under Dr. Alvin Krause.
HarmonyAuldLangSyne.jpg (46993 bytes) 12/14/02: Harmony started her quest for a Canadian championship in style when judge Dr. Alvin Krause awarded her Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex (over specials) at the Auld Lang Syne Society show in Cloverdale B.C.  This five-point win was an English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada Booster (which is similar to a supported entry in the U.S.). 
HarmonyWVESSAmajor.jpg (48396 bytes) 10/6/02:  Harmony picked up her second major at the Willamette Valley English Springer Spaniel Association Specialty show where judge Pluis Davern awarded her Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for five points.  Harmony needs only one point to finish now.
HarmonySammamish.jpg (48281 bytes) 8/25/02:  Harmony continued her recent winning streak at the Sammamish Kennel Club show by going Best of Winners for another point.  
HarmonyNisqually.jpg (49999 bytes) 8/10/02:  Harmony followed up her specialty accomplishments by going Winner's Bitch for one point under judge Forrest W. McCoy at the Nisqually Kennel Club show. 
HarmonyESSFTA2002.jpg (47804 bytes) 7/30-8/3/02: Harmony attended her first National Specialty, as well as the PSESSA (host club) specialty before that.  She placed 4th in the open bitch class at PSESSA under judge Judi Anderson, and made an even better showing at the National, placing third in a very strong open bitch class under judge SuSanne Burgess (pictured here).
Sorry, no photos. 6/30/02: Judge Janet Wilcox awarded Harmony Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for one point at the Bell Vernon Kennel Club Show.

6/9/02: Harmony was reserve Winner's Bitch at the Tacoma Kennel Club show under judge John F. Remondi in a  very competitive entry of 13 bitches.  

harmonyMonroewin2.jpg (58514 bytes) 11/18/01:  Judge Dr. Alvin Krause gave Harmony Winner's Bitch and then Best of Opposite Sex (over a special) at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club Show, for one point.  This was Harmony's second show out after taking much of the previous year off from showing.
HarmonyMonroe.jpg (29702 bytes)

11/18/00:  Harmony won her first major from the 9-12 month puppy class under judge Lester Mapes  at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club Show.

WVESSAbestpuppy.jpg (62652 bytes)

10/8/00: Harmony received her second Best Puppy win at the Willamette Valley English Springer Spaniel Association Specialty.  This was from the 9-12 month class, under judge Elliot Weiss.

harmonysheltonBOW.jpg (37215 bytes) 9/23/00:  Harmony was Best of Winners over some very nice major-pointed competition for her second point, under Australian judge Jeannie Montford.
harmonypsessabestpuppy.jpg (82809 bytes)

8/4/00: Judge Norton Moore awarded Harmony Best Puppy at the Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association Specialty, from the 6-9 class.

harmonysfirstpoint.jpg (42727 bytes) 7/29-7/30/00:  At her second show weekend, Harmony was reserve once more, and then Winner's Bitch for her first point.  The judges were Michele Billings (7/29) and Judy Doniere (7/30).
Sorry, no photo. 7/17/00:   Harmony was reserve Winner's Bitch to a major from the 6-9 puppy class her first weekend showing under judge Donald Booxbaum.